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Articles -> all -> 25 Innovations of the Last 25 years

    25 Innovations of the Last 25 years

    Looking back over the 2500 BOWN – winning products and breakthroughs shows us a history of innovation over the last 25 years. Within that History are digital cameras, smart phones, drones, private space planes, HIV drugs, genome sequencers, personal robots, space station, electric cars, wireless internet connections, electronic books, MP3 players etc.

    In education sector’s new techniques were used EDUSAT to new inventions are there scientist invented many medicines to get rid of the diseases. Even TV, cancer, even HIV AIDS. In previous years, it was dream to reach on Moon. Scientist now reached the Moon and they invented that there is life on Moon.

    Computers are new popular in every sector, Now in offices, schools, medical etc. Every way, day to day work is done through the computers.

    In previous years, people walk or have a cart to travel from one place to another. But now it was easy because the cars, bikes etc are the way to travel from one place to another. Another thing is that people connect to other people through the letters, now it is easier because of cellphones, E-mail, online chat make their life comfortable and they can talk to their love ones without moving from their place.

    Author : Manpreet Kaur,
    Class: +1 A (Non-Medical),
    School: GGSSS Urmar Tanda.
    References : http://www.smartstudies.in/articles/?cid=-2&cn=English%20(All)&aId=26&aTitle=25%20Innovations%20of%20the%20Last%2025%20years

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