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Computer Science -> Abbreviations -> Starting with Letter  'E'
Abbreviations (Starting with Letter 'E')
Sr. No.AbbreviationFull Form
31EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
32EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol
33EHLLAPI Emulator High Level Language Applications Programming Interface
34EIB Execute Interface Block
35EIP Execute Interface Program
36EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
37EIT Encoding Information Type
38EIUF European ISDN User Forum
39ELAN European LAN
40ELAN Extended LAN
41ELAN Emulated LAN
42EM End of Medium
43EMA Enterprise Management Architecture
44EMS Expanded Memory Specification
45EMUG European MAP Users Group
46EN European Norme
47ENE Enterprise Network Event
48ENP Enable Presentation
49ENQ Enquiry
50EO Eight Ones
51EOB End of Block
52EOC End of Cylinder
53EOF End of File
54EOJ End of Job
55EOP End of Procedure
56EOT End of Transmission
57EOV End of Volume
58EP Emulation Program
59EPDE Electronic Product Data Exchange
60EPOW Emergency Power Off Warning
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