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Computer Science -> Solved Exercise -> Class - 10th, Lesson No. 7 (Microsoft Publisher-I)



  1. Publisher is an application used to design and produce attractive advertising and promotional material.
  2. A template is the predefined model of publication.
  3. Publisher enables us to produce quick publications by using wizards and a design gallery.
  4. To open the Microsoft publisher by keyboard, Type ?Publisher? in search bar and press enter button.
  5. We can also add the objects to the blank Layout like text, picture, word art, and auto shapes etc.
  6. After creating publication, save the publication by clicking on save option in File Tab.
  7. Close the publication by clicking close button in File menu.
  8. Before exiting Publisher, we should close all the publications.
  9. We can place the quick access toolbar above or below the ribbon.
  10. We can also add items to the quick access toolbar, simply click on any item.
  11. The ribbon is the panel at the top portion of the document it has six tabs.
  12. Each tab is divided into groups.
  13. To view additional features within each group, click the dialog box launcher (arrow) at the bottom right corner of each group.
  14. Click and drag the handles to resize.
  15. The corner handles will resize the object proportionally.
  16. The handles centered on the lines of the box will stretch the object vertically and horizontally.
  17. The green handle allows you to rotate the object.
  18. Place our cursor over the solid line so that we see the crosshairs.
  19. Click and drag the object to the desired location.
  20. Most publications are divided into several different areas called frames.
  21. When we click on a frame, small circles appear around the edge of the frame. These are called handles.
  22. We can click and drag on the handles to resize our frame.
  23. A Template is a tool used in Publisher to help us easily create basic publications
  24. In arrange group, the text will be arranged around the object by using Wrap Text.
  25. If we want to delete any objects which are not required in publication, click on the object and press Delete button from the keyboard.

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