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Computer Science -> Solved Exercise -> Class - 7th, Lesson No. 4 (Microsoft Word (Part-II))



1) Fill in the Blanks: -
  1. To select a whole word, _______ click on it.
  2. (A)Single (B)Double(C)Triple (D)None
    Answer: (B) Double
  3. The ______ Group of Home tab allows us to change our text font style, size, color and many other elements.
  4. (A)Font (B)Paragraph(C)Styles (D)Editing
    Answer: (C) Styles
  5. ___________ means draw a horizontal line underneath the letters.
  6. (A)Bold (B)Italic(C)Underline (D)None
    Answer: (C) Underline
  7. ___________ Option means that the text is shown like it was marked with a highlighter pen.
  8. (A)Font color (B)Text Color(C)Text Highlight Color (D)All of Above
    Answer: (C) Text Highlight Color
  9. After inserting a shape, a new tab will appear which is called _____________.
  10. (A)Drawing Tools Format (B)Shape Tools Format(C)Drawing Shapes Format (D)None
    Answer: (A) Drawing Tools Format

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