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Computer Science -> Abbreviations -> Starting with Letter  'F'
Abbreviations (Starting with Letter 'F')
Sr. No.AbbreviationFull Form
2FA Foreign Agent
3FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
4FAST Federation Against Software Theft
5FAT File Allocation Table
6FBA Fix Block Architecture
7FBA Fixed Blocked ANSI-defined printer control characters
8FBM Fix Block Modus
9FC File Control
10FCB Format Control Buffer
11FCP File Control Program
12FCS Frame-Check Sequence
13FCT File Control Table
14FDD Fixed Disk Drive
15FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
16FEAL Fast Data Encipherment Algorithm
17FEP Front-End Processor
18FF Formfeed
19FH Frame Handler
20FIFO First In, First Out
21FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
22FLOPS Floating-point operations per second
23FMLI Forms and Menu Language Interpreter
24FOB Form Overlay Buffer
25FOND Font family descriptor
26FORTRAN FORmula TRANslator
27FPU Floating Point Unit
28FRAD Frame Relay Access Device
29FROM Factory ROM
30FRU Field Replaceable Unit
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