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Computer Science -> Abbreviations -> Starting with Letter  'N'
Abbreviations (Starting with Letter 'N')
Sr. No.AbbreviationFull Form
1NAC Network Adapter Card
2NAK Negative Acknowledgement
3NAP Network Access Point
4NAS Network Access Server
5NAT Network Address Translation
6NAU Network Addressable Unit
7NBS National Bureau of Standards
8NBS Numeric BackSpace
9NC Numeric Control
10NCCF Network Communication Control Facility
11NCP Network Control Processor
12NCP Network Control Program
13NCP/VS Network Control Program/Virtual Storage
14NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification
15NetSP Network Security Program
16NFNT New font numbering table
17NFS Network File System
18NHRP Next Hop Routing Protocol
19NIC Network Interface Card
20NIC Network Information Center
21NIS Network Information Service
22NIST National Institute for Standards and Technology
23NJE Network Job Entry
24NL New Line
25NLQ Near Letter Quality
26NLT Nucleus Load Table
27NMI NonMaskable Interrupt
28NNTP Network News Transport Protocol
29NSA National Security Agency
30NSC1 Network Systems Cypher One
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