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Computer Science -> Abbreviations -> Starting with Letter  'P'
Abbreviations (Starting with Letter 'P')
Sr. No.AbbreviationFull Form
61PMS Pantone Matching System
62PMS Project Management System
63PMT Photomechanical Transfer (photostat)
64PMT Photomultiplier Tube
65PNNI Private Network-to-Network Interface
66POC Program-Operator Communication
67POP Point Of Presence
68POP Post Office Protocol
69POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX
70POTS Plain Old Telephone System
71POWER Priority Output Writer, Execution processors and input Readers
72PP Presentation Position
73PPD PostScript Printer Description
74PPGA Plastic Pin Grid Array
75PPM Pages Per Minute
76PPP Point-to-Point Protocol
77PPT Processing Program Table
78PPTP Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
79PPV Pay Per View
80PRDMD Private Directory Management Domain
81PRL Private Relocatable Library
82PRMD Private Management Domain
83PROM Programable Read Only Memory
84PSB Program Specification Block
85PSDN Packet Swiched Data Network
87PSSL Private Source Statement Library
88PSTN Public Swiched Telephone Network
89PSW Program Status Word
90PTF Program Temporary Fix
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