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Computer Science -> Abbreviations -> Starting with Letter  'B'
Abbreviations (Starting with Letter 'B')
Sr. No.AbbreviationFull Form
1B8ZS Binary Eight Zero Substitution
2BABT British Approvals Board for Telecommunications
3BAL Business Application Language
4BAM Basic Access Methods
5BAS Basic Activity Subset
6BASH Bourne-Again SHell
7BASIC Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruktion Code
8BBS Bulletin Board System
9BCC Block Check Character
10BCD Binary Coded Decimal
11BCF Bridge Control Facility
12BCPL Basic Combined Programming Language
13BCS Basic Catalog Structure
14BCS Basic Combined Subset
15BDAM Basic Direct Access Method
16BDR Basic Density Range
17BEL Bell
18BER Bit Error Rate
19BES Bursty Errored Seconds
20BG BackGround
21BHT Branch History Table
22BIOS Basic Input/Output System
23BIS Business Information System
24BISYNC Binary Synchronous Communication
25BIT Binary Digit
26BITNIC Bitnet Network Information Center
27BLOB Binary Large Object
28BMIC Bus Master Interface Controller
29BMP BitMaP
30BMS Basic Mapping Support
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